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Region Jazz Recordings 2018

For Rehearsal

     ​Mr. B's Bop (for rehearsal)

     Every Now and Zen (for rehearsal)

     Sweat Zoot (for rehearsal)

For Audition

     Mr. B's Bop (wind audition)
     Mr. B's Bop (bass audition)

     Mr. B's Bop (drum audition)

     Every Now and Zen (wind audition)

     Every Now and Zen (bass audition)

     Every Now and Zen (drum audition)

     Sweat Zoot (wind audition)

     Sweat Zoot (bass audition)

     Sweat Zoot (drum audition)

     Bb Blues for Improv (wind/bass audition)

     Bb Blues for Improv (drum audition)

Solo and Ensemble 


Summer Song            Solo           Accompaniment

Menuet in G               Solo          Accompaniment

Corelli Suite              Solo            Mvt 1 Accompaniment

                                                 Mvt 2 Accompaniment

                                                 Mvt 3 Accompaniment


Menuet in G               Solo           Accompaniment

Bass Clarinet

Song of India             Solo           Accompaniment

Alto Sax

Fandango                  Solo           Accompaniment       

Hunter's Chorus          Solo           Accompaniment

Tenor Sax

A Winter's Willow        Solo          Accompaniment

Your Ring on my Finger               Accompaniment

Gavotte and Bourree   Solo          Gavotte Accompaniment

                                                 Bourree Accompaniment

Bari Sax

Allegretto                   Solo          Accompaniment


St. Catherine Rigaudon  Solo        Accompaniment
Mark 1-0                    Solo           Accompaniment

Trumpeter's Lullaby     Solo           Accompaniment

Concert Solo Suite       Solo           Accompaniment

Cantilena                    Solo           Accompaniment

Contemporo Suite        Solo          Prelude Accompaniment

                                                  Allamande Accompaniment

The Earle of Oxford    Solo            Accompaniment 

French Horn

Andante Cantabile      Solo           Accompaniment

Autumn Dream           Solo           Accompaniment


Arioso                         Solo           Accompaniment

Great Scott                 Solo            Accompaniment


Sweet Betsy Suite         Solo            Accompaniment

Country Dance             Solo            Accompaniment 


Nervous Turkey Rag    Solo             Accompaniment

The Spartan                Solo             Accompaniment